Latest Wedding Vogues

Weddings in India are no less than mega festivals that lasts for one week or even more than that. In fact just by listening the word “wedding”, all that comes to our mind is dancing, singing and having a fantastic fam jam. This powerful impact of making us completely cheerful and delighted can be summed up as the magic of wedding.

Each year has its own vogues and fashions of wedding. And people strive harder and harder to be at par with them. So, let me save you from the risk of getting outdated this wedding season. Here is a quick list of trends you must have a look on:

1.From Flashy to Classy: Yes! Flashy and vibrant was the scheme that was “on” from past few years. But, as every trend has to end slowly after its boom period, it is also experiencing a downfall. And the ultimate Classy fashion is back on the track. After the Deep-veer wedding, everyone is preferring more royal themes, decent stage set-up, dining with fancy but light coloured cutlery etc. Colours like violet, cream and bronze are being considered over yellow, green and pink.

2. The Big Reception Cake: This trend is growing at a rapid pace. A big cake with unique designs carved on it, is indeed a necessity at the reception party. The cake is made on special demand. A person just needs to share the specifications regarding the flavour, size, design, and can also get the picture of the bride and groom printed on the cake as picture cakes are also famous these days.

3. The Velvet Touch: There was a time when velvet was the trend. But then poly voile and nylon material took its place. However,as we all know some trends are meant to return. Lately, the velvet magic is also back. People are widely preferring velvet curtains, drapings, lehengas, and even velvet napkins on the dining table.